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About Butterfly Dreams Farm Equine Therapy

Butterfly Dreams Farm Equine Therapy (BDFET) is a nonprofit organization that provides a safe and fun environment for students to receive therapy and riding instruction on horseback. Our Equine Therapy program was originally established in 2005 on a 9-acre farm in Watkinsville, Georgia. Currently, BDFET has one certified Speech Pathologist, two PATH-certified Therapeutic Riding instructors, and over 40 volunteers who make our program possible.

Our Approach

At Butterfly Dreams Farm Equine Therapy, we're all about spreading joy through tailored therapeutic experiences with our beloved horses. Our certified therapists/ instructors collaborate with clients to create a warm, supportive environment where they can experience growth, learning, and healing. With unwavering dedication, we're committed to delivering quality equine therapy services, bringing smiles and lasting positivity to the lives of everyone we serve.


Our Story

Speech pathologist, foster mother, and lifelong equestrian Cat Thompson (pictured left) established Butterfly Dreams Farm with co-founder Tracy Mosher after seeing the powerful way horses impacted a special child in her life. Through riding, her daughter, Alli, gained the strength to walk and ability to communicate. Horses gave her reasons to laugh, smile and created a place where her body and heart felt safe. Our vision is for BDFET to be a place of healing and joy for every child and adult that we serve. In each interaction we seek to carry forward the memory of Alli and create a safe environment where our students can find strength and healing.

Below is the poem written by Cat Thompson in memory of Ali, which inspired the name of Butterfly Dreams Farm Equine Therapy

Butterfly Dreams
For Alli
Written By Cat

Beautiful, beautiful child,

No words, but such a story,

Still written though you’re away.

No voice, but such a song,

Its melody a gift to stay.

Troubled body, but such a dance,

Its movement missed dearly each day.

Beautiful, beautiful child,

Your light still shines beyond my tears,

Won’t you chase away my every doubt?

The lessons you taught me of genuine love,

Won’t you gently remind me what those were about?

Your smile that would brighten my darkest hour,

Won’t you be my rainbow in this cloud?

Beautiful, beautiful child,

My heart is crushed and I’m empty inside,

Won’t you lift me up with your angel wings?

My days catch me searching for strength and for hope,

Won’t you show me the wonder of simple things?

My nights leave me restless, weary and scared,

Won’t you fill up my head with butterfly dreams?

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